Experiential Telepathy - Inelia Benz

Telepathy ~ /təˈlepəTHē/ ~ definition

  • the ability to know what is in someone else’s mind, or to communicate with someone mentally, without using words or other physical signals

Experiential Telepathy ~ /ikˌspirēˈen(t)SH(ə)l / təˈlepəTHē/ ~ a term coined by Inelia Benz ~ definition

  • a natural sentient ability to communicate at an experiential level – meaning with the perception of full experiences and not just  a stream of words

How is “experiential telepathy” different from “telepathy”?

The communication experience is more holistic and not limited to a stream of words in a specific language. It is more like communicating through a “motion picture” style that also includes smell, touch, taste, feelings, and emotions.

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About Inelia Benz

Inelia received her First Class Honors Degree in Communication Studies at Dublin City University, Ireland in her 20’s. Since then she has been writing, teaching and advancing multiple platforms to bring about personal and global transformation. Through her easy-to-use courses, meditations, books and videos she offers quick, mystery-free tools that will elevate your vibrational energy and bring personal awakening and spiritual evolution. Her tools have been downloaded by millions of people around the world. Read the full story.